Conference Departments

Child Support
The main function of the Child Support Coordinator is to act as a liaison between the District Attorneys General Conference and the Department of Human Services. Her duties include, but are not limited to, coordinating such services as relocation of the offices and computer equipment, staffing, and organizing the annual Statewide IV-D Administrators and Attorneys Conference and October Conference for the IV-D Attorneys. She also assists the Fiscal Division with child support contracts and budgets as well as the Payroll and Personnel Division with salaries and new hires. She maintains contact with all Child Support offices within the State with regard to everyday problems connected with their offices.

The fiscal division is responsible for overseeing the budget and accounting of the $46 million budget allocated to the District Attorneys General Conference. The budgeting responsibility entails preparing and monitoring the four major budget codes of the department and over 100 district, grant, and training budgets. The accounting responsibility involves processing the accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions. In addition, this division handles space and copier leases, equipment purchases and property management. The law book libraries and telecommunication systems within the offices are also taken care of by this division.

Information Systems
The information systems section was created in 1995 to support and improve the automation resources available to the district attorneys. The section is responsible for network and computer installation, software support, internet services and computer training. In addition, this section is coordinating and handling the development and installation of a case management software for utilization by the district attorneys offices.

The personnel division is responsible for handling personnel transactions for the more than 750 state employees within the District Attorneys General Conference. In addition, this division assists employees with benefits such as retirement and deferred compensation.

The Training Division provides educational opportunities for prosecutors and other law enforcement angencies. Training is developed to address the professional skill level of each participant. We are particularly proud of our annual New Prosecutors Academy and our specialized DUI training. Through these efforts we raise a higher level of understanding of laws, a greater sensitivity to humanity, and more proficiency in the pursuit of justice in the court system.

Victims & Witnesses
The State Wide Victim Witness Coordinators position was established in 1996. The Coordinator acts as a liaison between the Victim Witness Coordinators and the Tennessee District Attorneys Conference, working closely with the Board of Paroles, State Attorney Generals office, and educating the public on the victim witness program.